At Goodlyfe Farms, our strain catalog is strategically selected each year for optimal cultivation in Michigan’s environment, while also providing the best variety of genetics for our consumers.

Our top strains are preserved each year via a cloning process where we take cuts of our best plants and grow them as our mother plants for future cloning the following grow season. This allows consistent and improved genetics year after year.

Improving our strains year over year also allows us to continually improve upon THC content, as well as Terpene profile — with a majority of our strains’ Terpenes testing over 3% and our top testing strains nearing the 6% mark!

Whether you’re looking for something that gives you a boost of energy or puts you on the couch — or provides a specific flavor and aroma you’re seeking — Goodlyfe Farms offers a wide variety of cannabis strains featuring a multitude of flavors/aromas and providing unique experiences.

For any questions about the strains in our library of genetics, send us a message via our Contact Us form.


High Quality Michigan Cannabis

You can find our high quality cannabis products by using the link to Leaf Link below. If you have any questions about our products, please use the Contact Us button provided.


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