Traditional Pre-Rolls

Are you:

  • Traveling somewhere (in-state)?
  • Going to a friend or family member’s house?
  • Coming home after a long of work trying to relax?
  • Looking to try a new strain you’re not sure of?

Pre-Rolls are your most convenient and portable option when looking to consume cannabis.

Goodlyfe’s Pre-Rolls provide you with an instant ability to consume cannabis without the hassle of breaking it down, fumbling with papers, and going through the entire rolling process.

Sometimes you just want it now, we get it.

Our Pre-Rolls are available in a traditional, non-infused option — as well as Infused Pre-Rolls for those looking for a next-level experience!

Both our non-infused and infused pre-rolls are rolled with high quality, sun-grown cannabis, giving you an enjoyable experience in a convenient, ready-to-go package. See which strains are included in our Pre-Roll lineup by checking out our Strain List.

Be sure to Contact Us If you have any questions and find out where you can purchase our Pre-Rolls via our interactive map on the Find Us page.

For retail stores interested in carrying Goodlyfe Farms Pre-Rolls, send us an email on our Retailer Purchasing page where one of our Customer Relations Managers will reach back out to assist you.

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