Concentrates for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Goodlyfe Farms’ Concentrates are created from high quality cannabis that is frozen post-harvest.

Also known as “Fresh Frozen” flower, this cannabis is then extracted using various methods.

The final result?

A Wide Variety of Concentrates, Extracts & Dabs:

  • Live Resin
  • THCa
  • Crumble
  • Diamonds
  • Shatter
  • And other forms of Concentrates

Our team understands that people love variety (it gets the people going)!

Which is why we aim to provide Concentrates in as many forms, strains, and sizes as we can.

Available in Various Sizes:

  • 1g Jars
  • 2g Jars
  • 10g “Baller Bucket” Jars  (👀)

Contact Us if you have any questions about our variety of Concentrates — and make sure you find out where you can purchase our Concentrates via our interactive map on the Find Us page.

For retail stores interested in carrying Goodlyfe Farms Concentrates, send us an email on our Retailer Purchasing page where one of our Customer Relations Managers will reach back out to assist you.

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